Mersin is located in the Mediterranean Region of Southern Turkey. The population is 1 million 727 thousand 255 people according to the 2014 census and it has approximately 16 thousand square kilometres surface area.

Mersin makes important contributions with its own dynamics to Turkey's. Initiatives in every area; it has an important potential in tourism as well as commerce and economics.

Providing important gains to the different cultures that it hosted; today, Mersin comes through the second fast urbanization process.

Development of Mersin continues at a great pace with its modern port, free zone and all the commercial and industrial organizations carrying their own unique value.

With large number of Ancient sites, 321 kilometres coastal strip, its green nature with citrus gardens smelling beautiful in each different season and rooted cultural events, the city provides potentially important contributions to culture and tourism of Turkey.



Turkish Statistical Institute (TSI) announced the population of Mersin 1 million 727 thousand 255 people in 2014.



The Tırmıl Hill in east and the Yumuktepe Mounds in the west mark the boundaries of city centre. These mounds indicate that there had been settlement in this area long before the establishment of the Mersin in Neolithic and Chacaloitic periods.

Known history of this region is connected to Luvi, Kizzuwatna, Hittite, Assur and Babylon Kingdoms histories. The region dominated by Hittite, Urartu, Assur, Babylon, Lydia, Persian, Seleukos and Rome Empire. In the period from 7th century to the Ottoman conquer; Arabians, Abase, Egyptian Tulunoğulları, Seljuklians, Mogols, the crusaders, Memluks, Ramazanoğulları and Karamanoğulları had taken control of the region. From the 16th century onwards, Mersin, and its neighbourhood was added to the Ottoman land.


Geographic Characteristics

Mersin is located in one of the most fertile lands of Turkey, in Çukurova Region and stands out with features such as green plains, wide valleys, blue rivers, lakes, mountain chains, historical caves and also contains different physical structure.

A lot of plains, valleys, rivers, lakes, mountains, canals, caves and spring water resources are located within the boundaries of the city.


Mersin Logistic Location 

Mersin is one of the most significant logistic centres in not only Turkey, but also the Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East with its advantages in terms of location, economic, social and cultural capacity as well as its easy access to other regions.

The city has the potential to be the logistic base in Turkey and the Mediterranean Sea, due to having lots of investments in the region.

Having one of the most important ports of Turkey, Mersin free zone, a large rail transport and being 69 km away from Adana Airport increase the importance of Mersin logistically.

Apart from the logistic culture obtained from the past experiences, Mersin has gained a very important advantage.






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